Does The Establishment Want People To Have A Victim/Perpetrator Consciousness?

There are numerous ways in which someone can perceive life and while some of these ways will be empowering, others will be disempowering. Ergo, if someone believes that the world is a safe place overall and that people are generally kind, they are likely to experience life in a certain way.

On the other hand, if they believe that the world is not safe in general and that people are generally unkind, they are also likely to experience life in a certain way. There is a strong chance that the former will have a far better time on this earth than the latter.

Not an Observer

Now, this could be put down to the fact that one will have an outlook that is ‘positive’ and the other will have an outlook that is ‘negative’. Undoubtedly, the outlook that someone has will have a big effect on how they experience life.

There is another part to this, though, and this is that human beings are not simply observing their reality; they are playing a part in how they experience life. In other words, what is taking place in someone’s conscious and unconscious mind is shaping their personal reality, as well as the collective reality they are part of.

A Vital Understanding

With this in mind, if one wants to have a fulfilling existence, it will be essential for them to make sure that their inner world is in order. Like a gardener who removes all the things that would prevent the right things from growing, they will also need to root out all the things in their inner world that will stop the right things from growing/appearing in their outer world.

Also, just as weeds will need to be removed throughout the year, their inner world will need to be ‘weeded’ throughout their life. It won’t be a one-off process; it will be a lifelong journey.

A Mind Virus

One thing that someone may need to uproot from their inner world – if they are not in a good place – is a victim mentality. If they have this mentality, they can have the tendency to see themselves as a victim and other people as perpetrators.

Further, they will see themselves as powerless and people ‘out there’ will have control over their life. Thus, life will be very black and white, and it will be normal for them to feel helpless and to be consumed with rage.

Back In Time

If they have the inclination to be this way, it could be a sign that their early years were a time when they lived in an environment that was a manifestation of victim consciousness. Perhaps they had at least one caregiver who was abusive and took advantage of them.

Not only would this have had an impact on how they saw themselves and others, it would have also resulted in them being stuck at this level of consciousness. The trauma that they experienced will cause them to resonate at this level.

Repeating The Past

The years will then have passed but due to the effect this stage of their life had on their being, they will continue to experience life in the same way. Still, by understanding why their adult life is a continuation of their early years, it will give them the chance to see that they are not a victim and that they can change what is going on.

The victim/perpetrator consciousness is very much a consequence of a third chakra that is out of balance. This chakra is found just above their stomach and relates to their sense of self, boundaries, personal power, and value, amongst other things.

Moving Forward

Clearly, if someone is a victim, it will mean that they have no control, hence why they are powerless to do anything about what is going on. So it makes sense that victim/perpetrator consciousness would largely be the result of what is going on with this chakra and the two below it.

Dealing with their inner wounds and raising their consciousness will take time, but it will allow them to live a life that is worth living. And as this takes place, they will gradually be able to let go of the self-centred view that the whole world is against them.

The Modern World

What can make it even harder for someone to evolve from this level of consciousness is that they may live in a society that actively encourages them to see themselves as a victim. This is something that may have first started taking place whilst they were being ‘educated’ by the system and has continued via the ‘entertainment’ that they consume and the media that ‘informs’ them.

Thanks to this conditioning, their view of themselves as a victim would have been strengthened by being told that the world is made up of those that are oppressed and those that oppress. Those that are oppressed would have been put into one group and those that oppress would have been put into another group.

The Origin

This view of reality is said to be taken from Carl Marx’s critical theory, where he broke society into two groups of people; those that are oppressed and those that oppress. Each group is then fighting the other, trying to gain power and dominance.

It could be said that this was someone who clearly had a third and fourth chakra that was out of balance, causing him to believe that life was one big power struggle and that people were cold and loveless. If both of these chakras were in balance, along with the others, he would have been able to let go of his victim/perpetrator consciousness, to feel empowered and to see that not everyone is cold-hearted.

Early Trauma

Perhaps he was also victimised during his early years and wasn’t able to deal with his inner wounds. For one thing, it has been said that he was one of nine; perhaps this time in his life was one big battle and a fight for survival?

As a result of a lack of self-awareness and not dealing with his inner wounds, it may have caused him to develop a mental framework that would allow him to make sense of what took place at this stage of his life and to keep this pain at bay (and perhaps to maintain his idealised image of his caregiver/s in the process). What this would have meant is that he would have projected his early experiences onto the world, unable to see what was taking place, and this would have allowed him to experience indirect revenge.

Business as Usual

This individual’s theory, a theory that is most likely the result of unresolved trauma, is then being used by those that want to keep humanity divided. If anything, society should be there to help people move beyond the damage that was inflicted on them as a child, not strengthen it.

Without doubt, conditioning people to believe that they are either oppressed or an oppressor is a great way to create division and to make sure that there is no such thing as peace, harmony, or cooperation. Depending on what group someone falls into, then, they can either be filled with resentment or they can feel deeply ashamed.


What is going on can be seen as just another technique that the so-called elite use to control the masses. For so long, they made out that it was the people in other countries that were the enemies and now the enemies are made out to be closer to home.

Taking all this into account, if one didn’t understand why the victim mentality is so widespread and why there is so much division, they will now have a better understanding. It’s not something that has taken place overnight and neither is it a random occurrence; it has taken decades to be implemented and it is by design.

On a positive note, the antidote to this is for more people to realise that they are not merely observing reality and to heal their inner wounds. As this takes place, the world will gradually be able to let go of this victim/perpetrator consciousness.